Copperhead: Live & Lost CD

Copperhead: Live & Lost CD


“Live and Lost” packs the energy and passion of Neil Carswell as both a performer and songwriter. The CD features four live tracks and eight studio tracks engineered and produced by Rodney Mills and Tom Dowd. WE CAN ONLY SHIP TO THE UNITED STATES

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Neil Carswell – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Jon Byrd – Lead Guitar
Brad Durden – Keyboards
Tony Hawkins – Bass
Eric Suttlemyre – Drums

Additional personnel
Joe Hardy – acoustic guitar
Rodney Mills – background vocals


  1. Stricken
  2. Get Out of My Way
  3. Hard Livin’ (Live)
  4. Born Loser (Live)
  5. Whiskey (Live)
  6. Keepin’ On (Live)
  7. Drift Away
  8. Whiskey Mama
  9. Raging Fire
  10. I’ll Get By
  11. Free Man
  12. Voices In The Night