Neil Carswell: Good Man’s Journey

Neil Carswell: Good Man’s Journey


Neil Carswell has shed his skin from the days of his band Copperhead like a Cobra ready to mesmerize old and new fans alike. Good Man’s Journey is a great southern blues-rock album in the tradition of the Allman Brothers and bands that make similar music.

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Song written in a hotel room in Nashville Tennessee while in town doing ovd. vocals on Ruby Jane and Glasses of Wine. I came back to the room and saw two guitar picks on the floor I couldn’t figure out where they came from. My guitar was in an open D tuning so I picked it up and wrote it in a few minutes it seems. I was in tears thinking back to my childhood and the times I spent on the river with my Uncle Harry Lee White. He wasn’t a real preacher but he did a lot of preaching to me anyway. A true story of my life — a heavy metal approach with a back porch vibe. Cane means River Cane, or you can take it as Cain and Able.

Good Man’s Journey

Song came to me in an apartment over the studio where I was staying at the time in Warren, Rhode Island; above Normandy Studios owned by Phil Green. The lyric was inspired by a verse out of the Bible, Proverbs Ch. 7 Verse 19. The lyric came to me one day while I was having my car worked on. I saw a Bible open so I looked on the page and there it was pushing its way off the page. Already written by King Solomon many, many years ago. The first rock star he sort of was, later to conclude it all isn’t worth the price. “With all these things bring much misery.” Solomon wrote. This was a verse I lived way too many years, lucky to be alive.

Walking Out on You

Song written at Cal 4 Pub with Dylan Altman. I carried the lyric hook and 6-8 time melody with me for several years. Dylan got right on it playing the Wurlitzer and helping with the lyric, chord structure and arrangement of the tune. We made a work tape and Johnny Neel listened to it twice and cut it, amazing memory. I guess that comes with being blind — one of the only true musical geniuses I have ever met.

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