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Bright Lights Review

“Bright Lights” Single
Aspirion Records

Review by “Today’s Country Magazine”

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A typical question that tends to come up in any circle these days is what is country music right now anyhow? A very good question that allows us as listeners to really define what it is. Southern rock has fused its way into the mix over the years and created its own little sub-genre, as has a more classic rock sound. Neil Carswell has easily found his way into that sub-genre category with his single “Bright Lights,” a cut from his album “Keep You Guessing.”
With a Bob Segar feel not only to his music but also in his voice, Carswell sings the lyric about leaving home to follow those bright lights of the city and the places along the way that he sees on his journey like Graceland, Mississippi, Nashville, etc… but also he reflects in the chorus about how those lights take him far from home but wraps it all up with a hook that states “Ain’t ever seen a bright light that’s worth leavin’ home.” The song itself presents Carswell’s vocal abilities in the forefront, but never holds back on allowing a shredding guitar riff to cut through the song and take center stage pulling your through the verses and into the chorus. With the fusion of genres coming together and all being lumped into the “country” music category a lot of good albums and great songs tend to get overlooked by the industry, however Carswell’s sound offers something familiar that isn’t necessarily out to reinvent the wheel but rather embrace the sounds and artists that act as his influence and run with it which may help him gain attention.