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Today’s Country Magazine Review

Album: Keep You Guessing
Label: Aspirion Record
Review by “Today’s Country Magazine”
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As a member of the southern rock band Cooperhead, Neil Carswell was bringing true southern rock to the forefront. Now as a solo artist he is set to continue his efforts to do just that with his album “Keep You Guessing.” The obvious comparisons to Bob Segar are evident the minute you hit play and lead single “Bright Lights” brings you into the album. However as you continue to dive further in you see a different side to Neil Carswell begin to shine through as the album takes on a slower paced feel.

Tracks like “Every Sad Song” and “Since I Met You,” let’s you take a journey with Carswell deep into his heart as he sings about the love that his wife has shown to him and how she has made his life complete. But he does show that rocker side of his music that initially grabbed you later in the album as well with cuts like the boot stomping “Carolina Line.” Though there are a lot of modern bands out there now claiming to be southern rock influenced it seems as if they are putting a modern spin on their brand of southern rock. Carswell does just the opposite with “Keep You Guessing.” He isn’t out to reinvent the wheel or put a spin on what southern rock is and was, but rather he embraces his influences and brings them to the forefront. By never straying away from the original sound of the genre this album becomes a refreshing and easy one to listen to for you true southern rockers out there.